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    I sent a friend 3 picture messages yesterday. Two of them were received, but the third one, although I got a "msg sent" confirmation, was never rec'd by my friend. I resent it the 3rd pic last night but it wasn't rec'd either.

    Is the problem with my carrier or with my phone or somehow with his email server (even though he rec'd two)? How could 2 of the 3 msgs sent within minutes of each other go through, but the 3rd one not?

    THe only thing I can think of is that the pic that didn't go thru was over 100K, but I've sent pics over 100Ks before with no problem.

    Should I bother to try resending the pic again, maybe to a different email server, or just give up?


    PS, I've tried sending directly to phones before, but it seems to never work for me.

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    Re: Picture Messaging didn't go through

    I think you have to wait for a while, until message arrives, if not you will have to send it again. Also you have to check your outgoing server, maybe it's wrong

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