Hey everyone! I've just got a new MiniSD card for my Orange SPV C500 cell phone...
Only one problem, when I've put it in my phone, it has no idea what-so-ever.

Nothing comes up, even when I'm looking through my phone on the main menu, it only displays integrated memory and no memory card info

There is nothing wrong with the card itself, I used it in an adapter for my camera, and the memory is fine and I can store the according to the size of the card (4GB)

So can anyone tell me what is wrong or what I need to do? The original memory card that came with the phone was only 16MB and was made by SanDisk, my new 4GB one is Toshiba, but I checked before I bought it, and it is compatible with the C500, I just don't know how to access the card through my phone

It wont even show up when connected through the computer.

Any help or info would be MUCH appreciated =]

Thanks very much,

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