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    Hey guys, this is my first post here because I'm looking for some help! I've gotten myself into a sticky situation and am hoping that someone here can point me in the right direction!

    Basically, my cell phone number got into the hands of a spammer and I have been receiving spam texts once every 5 minutes. The spammer is sending the texts from free texting websites such as asiamail.com and txt2day.com, so its coming through a computer. I also know it is coming through a computer because I have the IP address that the texts are coming from.

    What is really bugging me is that these texts are of the "adult" variety and are very inappropriate, if you catch what I am saying. I've gotten multiple texts from this address saying that my account "has been charged" a certain amount, or that they are sending something to my address. Since they have my address, and my cell phone number, it makes me think that someone behind something I signed up for is handing out my information. So far, I haven't replied to any of the texts in any way, I've just been watching them pour in Is there any way I can block these unwanted texts? I'm really willing to do anything at this point, I just want this situation to be dealt with and finished.

    Any help that any of you can give me would be greatly appreciated... obviously, if this post belongs in a different sub-forum, then please let me know! Please help me out guys!

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    Re: Blocking unwanted texts?

    it is a nice information!!!!

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    Re: Blocking unwanted texts?

    good information i didnt think in that

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