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    Has anyone else experienced these spooky cell phone circumstances?
    1) Phantom hip vibrations - you're not wearing your phone on your belt, but your hip experiences a vibrating sensation anyway. CREEPY!
    2) Every time you type up a notepad on your blackberry (or any other cell phone for that matter) the animated icon for data transfer immediately appears. Fearing that your deepest, darkest secrets are being lifted and stored someplace, you consult your provider rep, who dismisses it, saying that the phone is only re-establishing the signal.
    It may seem to occur instantaneously when you type a certain character (such as a semi-colon ";"), or while typing an entire note.
    3) When you're on your cellphone as you sit before your PC with the speakers on, it seems the cell signal of your phone as well as that of passing traffic is being picked up by the PC as indicated by noise from the speakers.
    Some of you may be aware of the govt. project to pioneer a method of picking up the radio waves from your monitor, thus VIEWING WHAT YOU ARE VIEWING ON YOUR PC MONITOR. DAMN COMPUTERS! DAMN CELLPHONES! DAMN "BIG BROTHER"!

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    Re: Weird happenings

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    Re: Weird happenings

    I have only experienced the third part and as far as I know it's normal, it also happens when you place your phone near the TV so I'm not bothered. But I haven't experienced the first two which sounded weird by the way

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