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In a world where a new batch of smartphones comes out every quarter, wireless carrier choice is becoming even more important. Some people are solely driven by a new smartphone based on recommendation from a friend, co-worker, wireless retail employee, a cool commercial or all of the aboveÖputting carrier quality on the bottom of the list. Now that all major US carriers have at least one or more flagship devices (Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Palm and Windows 7) and similar rate plans, you may want to put wireless service quality first, especially if you are coming to an end of your contract.

Donít be so tempted to purchase that next slightly upgraded device or slightly better rate plan that will reset your 2 Year contract without first considering other carrier options. Since coverage varies drastically in each area, donít be afraid to ask around to find out how others around you feel about their carrier.

ATT is a perfect example of a carrier that had solid overall network that drastically deteriorated over the last 2 years with shortage of wireless spectrum due to millions of iPhone users. I was swept in for the original iPhone, 3G and 3GS before I gladly paid my $200 cancellation fee to switch over to a different carrier. I went from average of 7-10 dropped calls a day to zero so far with Verizon (in the last 2 years).

We have reviewed and summarized a great report provided by JD Power. It stack ranks all carriers based on strengths and weakness.

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