Does anyone know of a good ordinary cell phone that also would be useful for writing small notes. I have been using a Nokia 6070 where there is such a function., however, the problem always was that the memory of the phone is very limited. Thus, what I need is a phone with (1) a program designed for writing notes and (2) an option of using a memory card. I have been lookin at phones like Noka 2330 and 2700, but unfortunately the notes-function seems to have disappeared in these, there is only something called "to-do", which might not at all be what I am looking for,

When I speak about notes, I simply mean an option of writing down any ideas you might get when you are walking and don't want to carry notebooks around. Does not have to be qwerty. Does not have to be a Nokia, but I am looking for something below 100 euros, I don't need fancy Internet options and things like that,

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