Hey complete newbie here,

So due to recent work changes I need to get a new phone... I'm a complete newbie when it comes to phones and have some really basic questions I was hoping the experts can help me answer.

But before that, let me just give a brief summary how I plan to use the phone:

- The main reason I need a new phone is that I need to put a lot of medical information applications on there so I can have access to them at the hospital (medscape, epocrates, medcalc etc etc). I'm a medical student and work in the hospital often.
- I don't really make a lot of calls at all, but I do text occasionally.
- And finally, I need something that can access the internet with a browser using in-house wireless wifi for internet access

So my questions are, for my purposes listed above

1. What phone do you recommend and why? I'm looking around the net and currently am there are so many phones out there I have no idea what do get. Currently I'm thinking looking at Samsung galaxy sII, HTC Evo 4G, iphone4 and some Motorola phones, by no means I'm limited to these, I'm actually hoping for some suggestions from experienced users... I just listed these as an example because they apparently are showing up a lot when I search.

2. Which operating systems is better? I realize this is an android forum, but I have no clue what operating systems are out there except for google android and apple iOS.

3. I'm really looking to get a phone without any contracts and pay as I go.... because I can't afford a ridiculous $100 dollar monthly bill just for a few calls and texts, I was wondering if I can use pre-paid phone cards if I go no contract? What kind of cards can I use?

4. Internet access - I plan to use wireless wifi, and don't want to pay $25-30/month just for something ridiculously limited like 200mb. Can all smart phones access wireless internet if it's available?

5. Can CDMA technology phones be used globally?

Thank you in advance for any replies, I tried to research as much as I can given the time I have before posting. I do apologize in advance if I asked for information easily searched.

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