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    Hi All

    I'm looking for a new phone, and reading ordinary reviews online has only helped increase my "fustration".

    I've grown tired of the less than perfect batterylife, on my smartphone, so i have been considering going back to an ordinary "candybar", combined with a tablet.

    Basicly im looking for:

    Good Battery Life
    Good Call Quality
    Exchange Email, contacts and Calendar.
    Thethering for tablet, WIFI prefered, but Bluetooth DUN is acceptable.

    3,5mm jack and FM radio would be a plus in my book, but is optional.

    My own best bet is a Nokia C5-00, but im unsure about the call quality.

    Just to be clear, i have no problems with iOS, Android or Windows Phone, im just trying to think outside the box, and to see if i find something i like.

    So i turn to you guys and girls. Input for other models, and things to consider, will be greatly appreciated. Good Hunting


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    Re: Cell Phone Selector

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    Re: Cell Phone Selector

    You are joking... That is the most stupid reply i have ever gotten on any forum.

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