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    Due to the immense success of Apple's voice assistant Siri, Google now plans to catch up. According to inside reports, the Mountain View, CA Google laboratory is now working on upgrading its “Voice Actions” app to be able to intuitively recognize voice commands. Currently codenamed 'Majel' after the computerized voice in Star Trek, this upgrade would allow Android users to search for businesses, restaurants, check stocks, sports and weather and make a plethora of other requests via normal language as opposed to preset voice commands.

    Eric Schmidt, chairman of Google, expressed concern in October over Siri's ability to change the search dynamic and possibly dethrone Google from dominance. The debut of any Google-powered voice assistant may help to ease Google's fears and tilt the playing field in their favor once again. Google has already made clear its intent to acquire a company with experience in the area, Clever Sense, to help integrate certain aspects of search into their voice assistant. Clever Sense was the creator of the 'Alfred' app that gives individuals restaurant recommendations based on previously-visited restaurants and their current location.

    Other factors that are speculating the development of Google's voice assistant include the movement of a senior U.K. Programmer with voice and speech recognition experience to the top-secret Mountain View laboratory. The company may prove successful in catching up with Apple, as Siri has had a number of issues and outages recently, causing Apple to take a second look at how to fix these issues. Sources claims that Google's voice assistant could be released as soon as six weeks, lining it up for a late January 2012 release.

    See More: Google Will Launch Rival to Siri

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    Re: Google Will Launch Rival to Siri

    Whoa, nice! Glad to see they responded so quickly.

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    Re: Google Will Launch Rival to Siri

    Quick because android already does 95% of what siri does with voice search/nav...and results are less hit or miss.
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    Re: Google Will Launch Rival to Siri

    It's been a few months since the announcement, have there been any more developments on the subject?

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