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    I was browsing the internet and I have found these phones. I was wondering what could be the best feature of the phones. I was wondering which phone is cooler too. Can you guys distinguish their differences?

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    Re: HTC HD2 or HTC Nexus One?

    I think that Nexus One is much cooler than HD2. Nexus One has cooler features than the HTC HD2. A great difference between these phones is that Nexus one has an OS Android 2.1 while HD2 has Windows Mobile 6.5.
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    Re: HTC HD2 or HTC Nexus One?

    There are many differences, but in the end it comes down to preferences and needs.

    One is an Android phone, the other is a Windows Mobile phone; one has a 3.7 inch screen, the other has a 4.3 inch screen; one has a trackball, the other doesn't. They both have the processor and memory. I loathe Windows Mobile, though. I currently use a Motorola Droid, so I am bit biased toward Android, but your preferences/needs might differ from mine. I think Android has a brighter forward than Windows Mobile, but that's just an opinion.
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    Re: HTC HD2 or HTC Nexus One?

    I think between these two it really comes down to the the fact that if you like a droid system or Winmob. But than again the 4.3 inch screen on the HD2 is pretty amazing

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    Re: HTC HD2 or HTC Nexus One?

    Definitely Nexus. It has Android.

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