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    LG enV3 Slate Blue
    I was hoping someone with cdma workshop or some other program might be kind enough to punch in a few things for me on there...for the service code on an LG Rumor2 from sprint. sprint refuses to give it to me. i know i can pay to have it done, but i'm hoping to avoid that route. I'm going to be using it on page plus cellular.

    LG Rumor2 from sprint
    esn: A00000109483F8
    meid dec: 268435457609733112

    Any help would be appreciated :-)

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    Re: LG Rumor2 Service Code

    How to get your SPC on an LG Rumor 2:

    1. Download CDMA Workshop 2.7 (Full). Google it.
    2. Connect your Rumor 2 to your computer via USB cable.
    3. Open CDMA Workshop and set the COM port to 6.
    4. Hit Connect and the hit Read. If your phone is connected right you should see all your information populate the left column.
    5. Go the the Security tab and under SPC hit the read button.

    If you have done this correctly you should now be able to see your service code. What you do from that point on is your responsiblilty...

    Im not an expert on this but with this SPC you should be able to access secret menus on your phone and possibly change features like maybe enabling the file system?

    Good luck.

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