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    In order to easily transfer your contacts from an iPhone to the LG G2, you need to follow one of the four guides detailed below. Choose whichever method suits your needs best.

    Transferring iPhone Contacts Using iTunes:

    1. On your computer, open iTunes. If necessary, download and install iTunes from the Apple website
    2. Connect your iPhone to the computer using the proprietary USB cable
    3. Once your iPhone is connected, click on it in the iTunes window
    4. Click the "Info" tab
    5. Mark the "Sync Contacts With" check box and select "Google Contacts" from the drop-down list
    6. If you haven't done so before, enter your Google login credentials. If you've already set a Google account in the past, click "Configure" and select the desired account
    7. Click "Apply" and let iTunes sync the iPhone contacts with your Google account
    8. On your LG G2, sign in with the same Google account, if you haven't done so already. If you need to add the account, access the "Settings" menu and go to "Accounts"
    9. Allow your Google account to sync the contacts with your G2

    Transferring iPhone Contacts Using iCloud:

    1. Using your computer's Internet Browser, visit
    2. Log in to your iCloud account
    3. Click "Contacts"
    4. In the list of contacts, select the ones that you wish to transfer
    5. Click the icon depicting a gear (located in the bottom-left area) and click "Export vCard"
    6. After your computer downloads the VCF file containing the contacts, import the VCF file to "Google Contacts"
    7. Alternatively, connect your LG G2 to your computer using the USB cable and copy the VCF file in your phone's "/sdcard" folder. Then, open the "Contacts" application, press the "Menu" key and select "Import / Export"

    Transferring iPhone Contacts Using the "My Contacts Backup" App:

    1. Visit the App Store using your iPhone and download the "My Contacts Backup" app
    2. Launch the application and tap "Backup"
    3. After the backup is complete, tap "Email" to attach the VCF file containing the contacts to an email
    4. As a recipient, use your Gmail account and send the email (to yourself) containing the VCF attachment
    5. On your LG G2, open the email and download the VCF file to import the contacts

    Transferring iPhone Contacts Using the "Bump" Application:

    NOTE: in order to be able and transfer contacts from the iPhone to the LG G2 using Bump, you'll need an active Internet connection on both smartphones. The app works via cloud computing.

    1. On your iPhone, visit the App Store and download "Bump"
    2. On your LG G2, visit the Play Store and install "Bump"
    3. Open Bump on both smartphones
    4. Allow permissions if prompted to do so
    5. On the iPhone, go to the "Contacts" section
    6. In the list of contacts, select the one(s) that you wish to share
    7. Once the label "Bump now!" appears in the top-right corner, you can lightly bump your smartphones together to begin the transfer
    8. Tap "Connect". A copy of the previously selected contacts will now be sent to the LG G2

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    Re: Transfer Contacts from an iPhone to the LG G2

    Technically, if contact removal is performed in this way, you need to cut down the SIM to fit. What if something goes wrong and all your numbers are gone? So, please consider this a last resort. Now, a much easier way will be introduced. The requirements are mere two USB cords, a computer and this free program, Android contacts recovery. And it is not only phone numbers that it can move it can also restore data from Android internal memory and some other things.

    Mobile Transfer, an excellent tool for data transfer, is here to save the day. It removes phone codes, job titles, companies and other info you have recorded, with 3 steps. But, first, make sure that your PC has iTunes installed.

    Step 1.Run Mobile Transfer on Your Computer
    You want to double click the icon to open the program once you have it set up. The interface will be like the following one. Four modes are for you to choose from. Click "Phone to Phone Transfer" and you will come to the next step.

    Step 2.Connect the Android Device and iPhone to Computer
    Plug in the Android first as a Resource Phone and then iPhone as a Destination Phone. They will be automatically recognized. When this is done, the buttons in the window can be used as the second picture shows.

    Step 3. Choose Contacts to be Shifted from Android to iPhone
    The boxes will turn blue when all the data are scanned. Then, we can check "Contacts" and press "Start Copy" in the middle. A Progress Bar can now be seen. Wait and press "OK" until it is all done.

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    Re: Transfer Contacts from an iPhone to the LG G2

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    Re: Transfer Contacts from an iPhone to the LG G2

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