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    Motorola is a popular smartphone company that creates many great devices.

    From well known models like Motorola Moto X, Defy or Atrix to less known but still great Moto E, Moto G and many more.

    However it is not always possible to buy a brand new model from the shop. That is why many people buy used models, from Ebay, Amazon or other people.

    Most of times all models have a network blockade, which blocks them from using a different network than the one in which the device has been bought.

    If you are one of those people, and you don't know how to unlock your device, you don't know the network, model or even if it is network blocked, our website can help you with this.

    Warranty and network check for Motorola phones -

    When you buy this service you will receive all information containing name of the model, production year, and the guarantee time for your Motorola model. This will give you a chance to check and confirm information about your device, before you make an order. Furthermore the service will provide information, about the network and the country in which the device was produced. All information is based on the producer's database. Full refund is provided if the service doesn't work.

    See More: Additional information about your Motorola device

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    Re: Additional information about your Motorola device

    Motorola phones are still good.

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