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    Need your codplug but don't know how to get it? ... here is the newbies guide to obtianing your codelplug.

    1. You will need a copy of an RSS program ... very easy to find .. you shouldn't have any trouble ... you can find them on any big Nextel forum site. (For this tutorial I will be using iDEN RSS Carrier .09) YOU WILL ALSO NEED A DATA CABLE FOR YOUR PHONE!
    2. Once you have the RSS program and installed it .. open it up ..

    3. Go to file ... read phone while your phone is connected to your computer through a data cable.

    4. A window should pop up like the one below

    5. Once that done you should get a messege saying it was succesful (if not post problems in this thread)

    6. Hit ok .. and you now have your codeplug .. the only thing to do now is save it ... go to file, save as.

    7. Choose where you want to save it and the name you want .. and hit save.

    8. You now have your codeplug

    See More: [Tutorial] Noob's Guide To Get Codeplug
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