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    I was just trying to clear out my old phone, so that I can give it to a friend for Christmas, but I seem to have just locked myself out and I haven't used my phone in 2 years and it was refurbished so I know NONE of the codes, so If some one FOR FREE could help me UNLOCK my phone, that would be great! MY IMEI:352509003964073 The model # is 3100b

    My phone is displaying SIM BLOCKED!! Stop then it proceeds to ask me to enter the PUK code. WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?!!!!!!! I don't even remember setting these codes.
    thanks Armybrat143

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    i can help you unlock your phone but not in this site. we are not allowed to post any codes here. post it to www.kisland.com click on computer forum, click on gsm forum.
    sim block means: your sim is block by your service provider. puk code: only your service provider can give you this code.
    it doesn't mean that your sim is block and your phone is block too! no!
    only the sim is block not the phone.
    unlocking your phone allowed you to put any sim there is in the world specially you have a tri-band phone thats work in anywhere in the world.

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