Just bought an E71, and have been playing with it for hours... This is a deal-breaker for me .... Any suggestions?

I do telecom work as a consultant, and keep copious notes under many to-do's. When client x calls me and says 'remember that widget you installed for Amy Chee last year? It's broken and I want to send it back... where did you buy it? '

In outlook tasks, I can search for 'Amy Chee widget' and double click to see the to-do notes, which are perhaps 10-15 lines long.

On the E71, i can go to calendar and change to 'view by to-dos', but since I have a year's worth, thats daunting, in that they are sorted by create-date, and not searchable.

I can also go to Office/Search and enter 'widget amy chee' and get a hit, but I only get the first few lines, and worse, if I click on it, it flips me to the calendar of the creation date, but it's not expandable, so I end back up at the view by today and tryto find it.. (day and month only, NO year)..
Am I missing something? - I hate to give up on it,....

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