Last November I saw an article in one such blog by a fellow developer about calling all innovators contest done by Forum Nokia for mobile application developers like myself, on offer was some cool prizes in cash and kind, but the bigger takeaway was the chance to participate and demonstrate my work at mobile world congress, Barcelona. To participate in the contest I had to just build my own mobile application which I anyway love to do.

In the process I joined the forum nokia community. I was pleasantly surprised by the instant inflow of information resources and recognition. At the time of joining I didnít know that Forum Nokia was world's largest mobile developer network. Now I have access to the latest and most relevant SDKís which we can use which helps me creating my applications faster and advanced. To top it all I keep getting newsletters and other latest interesting happening in the world of mobile. I even get invitees to all the events which forum Nokia keeps on hosting.
My next challenge is to become a Forum Nokia Champion and win the world. Guys, you too can be part of this largest community for mobile developers at forum dot nokia dot com.

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