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    So I unplug my N85 from the wall, completely charged (battery indicator shows 7 bars). I go out for a couple of hours, in which I use Maps and Music Player a bit. When I get back home and get ready for bed, the battery indicator still shows 7 bars (again, as expected, since I had not really used it much).

    Now here's the shocker: in the morning, I look at the phone, and it's dead. There isn't even enough energy in the battery to start the phone for a few seconds, when I press the Power button. Needless to say, I did not leave any power-hungry application to run overnight...

    Has anyone had this happened on their phone? Do these "sudden deaths" just sometime happen, or is it an indication that this (almost new!) battery is heading south?

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    Re: Sudden battery death on N85

    go to shopping and buy another phone haha
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    Re: Sudden battery death on N85

    it happen all time, you need to get new one. no way to fix it.

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