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    Hi i just got myself a blackberry pearl8130, but its with bell and its lock, but im sure theres something to do, ive got details from the previous owner, but i dont know him... Any advice on what to do, except brybing a bell employee, witch is possible, ive got a friend working there.

    So thank you for information

    Est-ce que ya quelqu'un qui sait comment unlocker un blackberry pearl8130 de bell. Merci pour les infos

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    Re: How to unlock a Bell Blackberry

    now a days mobile unlock is very easy thing...because instruction, code everything we would grt via online...like that i found a site last week here i unlocked my mobile. visit further unlock guide

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    Re: How to unlock a Bell Blackberry

    because its a CDMA blackberry you will need an SPC code to unlock it, you will only be able to use it with other GSM carrier. However phones such as Bell 9700 bold, and Bell torch 9800, you will be able to unlock it and use with other GSM carriers such as Rogers, Fido, Cingular etc.

    Hope that helps

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