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    my BlackBerry 9000 Bold battery drains extremely fast i didnt use it like almost a day and facebook twitter and bluetooth are not running. what should i do? is it time to buy a new battery?
    Any other suggestion for me?

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    Re: blackberry 9000 battery drains fast

    Must buy a new battery

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    Re: blackberry 9000 battery drains fast

    You need to check if there are any background apps running. Hold down the BlackBerry key and a list of running apps will appear. Default icons are home, browser, phone,BBM and mail. Any other icons will indicate a running app. If there are any others eg. Whatsapp, check what features are used by the app such as wifi, GPS or data. Your camera for example can tag each photo with the location and this uses battery power. The wifi if it's on searches for wifi signal if it can't find one,it actually uses more power if it continues searching than when it is logged on. Same goes for your 3G. If you're not in a 3G coverage area it uses more power, switch to 2G rather. Do you have a cover or use the lock feature? If not and you put it in your pocket or bag the buttons might be getting pressed and this activates the lcd as well. Apps like Whatsapp, Twitter and Facebook (posibbly other apps as well ) still check for messages even if you close them. Only way to stop this is to log out. Lastly have you set the lcd timeout? Hope this helps, it would be a shame if you had to buy a new battery unnecessarily.
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