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    hey, i have a motorola V3c and the motorola phone tools 4.0 software. when i make a Mp3 ringtone on hte motorola software and then put it on my phone it sounds verry loud, and is at verry ****ty quality. is there a way i can make a "truetone" taht is of good quality to put onto me phone.

    thanks the help is appreciated! Hidden Content

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    Re: TrueTone creators???

    you'll probably need to get the accapella and instrumal versions of the song, make them mono channels and have one pan to the left and the other to the right. download Audacity if u don't have a program cappable of doing those actions

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    Re: TrueTone creators???

    what are the specifications at?

    the bitrate shuold be no more than 56kbs.
    the frequency should be no higher than 44100.
    also, for cell phones, you should set the channels to MONO, as smuffy said above.

    If you're not sure how to convert it to those specs, head over to Hidden Content and download their software. Once you intall it, you can simply right-click and "convert to". Then you can change the bitrate, frequency, and channels.

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