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    Hey, I'm new here. I just got a razr for my b-day. my network is ntelos. I've been looking for a website where i can get some ringtones. I found the "Ring Factory" thing, where you can make your own tones. and i've been on other sites. I pick a song to download and i get a text message w/the links and everything. on my phone i have "brew" i think it's a internet thing. anyway once i get the text message idk what to do. when i go on brew it takes me to diff. places to buy ringtones, but since i alreay have a ringtone text message i want to go to that link website. can someone help me, i've already read all the Help info. idk how to go online w/my phone. (i think i have the internet thing, cause i went to ntelos and got the plan), so...i need some help/ thanks.

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    Re: Need Help!! (WAP?)

    try out Hidden Content you have to register but you can upload your own midi files there Hidden Content

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