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    A camera when you need to catch and share that fun moment. A phone with all the easy messaging, entertainment and connectivity you want.

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    Everything you can do with pictures. And plenty of memory. Show where you’ve been and what you like. And when you wish you had a video camera, the K700i has that too. K700i adds more imaging to your lifestyle. And QuickShare™ makes it easy.

    Camera Rotate: Mechanical feature that allows camera to rotate 180 degrees
    Camera VGA: VGA standard camera
    Camera integrated: Built-in digital camera with screen viewfinder, dedicated menus and direct interaction with in-phone imaging and messaging features
    Camera ready: Camera operation menus in phone which activate when an accessory camera is connected
    Color LCD 256: 256 color screen
    Color LCD 4,096: 4096 color screen
    Color LCD 65,536: 65,536 color screen
    Color VGA LCD: VGA standard color screen
    Color LCD 512: 512 color screen
    E-mail: Built-in e-mail client with inbox, outbox, compose , send and other functions
    Instant Messaging: Chat - several people can take part in a mobile messaging session where each one sees what the other is writing
    MMS (Multimedia Messaging): Picture messaging with text and sound. Pictures can be ones taken with built-in camera or camera accessory or ones saved in your phone. Sounds can be recorded sounds, ringtones or other sounds stored in phone. Sony Ericsson's MMS solution allows you to send several pages/slides with pictures, sounds and text to another
    MMS device or to an e-mail address.
    QuickShare™: QuickShare™ is easy experience sharing. With an integrated camera you can take and send a view of where you are in seconds
    Video Call: When making a video call, you can see the person you're talking to in the main display and they can see you. The service requires that you have UMTS
    Video Clip: Video clip viewing and transfer to other phone or PC
    Video streaming: Real time streaming of video e.g. live cam

    See More: Sony Ericsson K700i unlocked
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