Hi, I need a way to plug my Samsung a670 cell phone into my laptop to the USB port while also charging it at the same time. I use the Mobile Office kit to get on the internet through my phone. The problem I have is as soon as the phone runs out of battery power, I need to get off the internet. I've already tried the PCMCIA Mobile Office card and it doesn't work where I live. (I don't know why the phone gets a ton of signal strength yet the card doesn't get anything and Verizon support didn't know either.) I'm just trying to find a reliable way to get on the internet at home. Our phone lines have bad problems with them and get tons of static so we can't get a reliable dialup connection. Our phone company can't figure out why we get so much static in it. (They want us to convince everyone on our road to turn off all of the electric simutaniously to figure out where it's coming from and I doubt that will ever happen.) We can't get cable internet or DSL. We tried Direcway satellite but it went down almost every hour so we gave that up. This cell phone is pretty dang stable and fast. I just need a way to keep the battery charged while I'm on. If there was an adapter that came out of the phone and one end went to power and the other end had an adapter to plug in the mobile office kit, that would be perfect.

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