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    My Sony Ericsson W800 kicked the bucket. I'm looking for a new phone and some features I'm looking for: 2MP (or better) camera, decent memory size, compact size, good resolution/screen size, MP3/java/e-mail/MMS capabilities. I like the Samsung D900 and, after reading reviews, would like more personal opinions on it. Hows the reception? Is it worth the money? US version or non-US version? Is there a better phone out there for a similiar price?

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    Re: D900 opinions?

    Well I am not sure I can answer all your questions but I have a D900. I bought it over the web from Europe. I don't think you can get them in the U.S. Definitely not from a Carrier that I know of...I use Cingular.

    I was able to set mine up quickly and it works like a champ...I don't use the MP3 all that much but I have a 1GB SD card and some music just in case.

    The Camera seems to be pretty good although I have noticed that if you are not steady it will smear the picture....maybe this is operator error..I don't take many pictures either...lol

    I have heard horror stories about cracking screens but mostly from idiots that put the thing in their pocket then go out playing around like it was safe there!
    Bottom line treat it nice.

    I like the Themes screen that shows the Statue of Liberty with clouds and birds flying around....at night the skyline lights up and fireworks go off when you have a message.

    I moved to CIngular becasue it was suggested for the area I moved to. I work out in the middle of nowhere (Edwards AFB in California) and Cingular was supposed to be the best choice...they are! Sprint would not work but Cingular is there and reception is good.

    My WEP200 ear piece paried up fast and works great.

    I was PISSED that it did not have voice dialing...I was under the wrong impression when I bought it that it had the capability...That sucks..and makes the phone less than superior IMHO.

    Overall it is a cool phone...But then I am not a phone junky and given another chance I might have gone with something simpler with voice dialing. It is only my third phone ever... I kept my last one 3 years...

    Good luck

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