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    Samsung sadly is still very much a 3rd world country quality if you compare it to the likes of Nokia, Sony and Motorola.

    Korean technology is no good, Korean engineers tried to be too smart by creating sensitive touch functions that caused huge havoc to mobile phone users who always accidentally dialed to the wrong person,....which caused social problem.

    And the design is also not attractive,...very Ah Beng

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    Re: Samsung phone is inferior

    ... don't you have a model number?

    Samsung has proven to be a VERY reliable brand, one that Manufacture error is almost never a problem. What does everyone else think?

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    Re: Samsung phone is inferior

    I haven't had any sort of problem with my A920, Samsung makes good phones. I'm really looking forward to the Upstage and want to get one in a few months when I can upgrade.
    Dan Phillips

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    Re: Samsung phone is inferior

    To the thread-starter:
    Wow. You have 2 posts and 1 of them is this crap? Sounds like someone pee'd in your Wheaties this morning.
    Samsung makes good quality phones that are both innovative and well-built. At least have some data to backup this case of diarrhea of the mouth that you exhibit.

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