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    Can anyone calculate the BT address to go with imei Number
    356094 00 059002.I have tried rebuilding the imei Number with Samsung NS Dongle but it is not working.I would be very grateful if someone could manage this for me.This is the original imei No,I'm not trying to change it.I bought the phone and found out the BT address was all zeros.Someone obviously messing about with it.

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    Re: Bluetooth address

    I don't think BT address which is in the form of MAC address (if you know what it means) has any relationship with imei number, i.e. it can't be calculated from imei number. BT address is suppose to be an unique number, i.e. no two BT device will have same address. That is to prevent conflict when pairing with other device. In your case, you can actually use any address as long as it is not same as the address of your other BT device and it should work. However, to program the BT address back to the phone, you need a tool to do that as it is not suppose to be set by the user using the phone alone. Hope this helps!

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