I all

I am hearing impaired, and I find that my new Samsung SCH-u410 does ring as loud a as the older SCH-a630. Plus, even with it set on High. The sounds they have available on the phone are not really that audible or the right pitch for me to be able to hear it at any distance, or in my purse, even when wearing my hearing aid.

I was wondering if anyone might have a similar situation and could recommend some good sounds, not jazzy music stuff that will drive everyone, including me, bonkers, but, maybe like a doorbell, or something high pitched that would make it more audible and stand out from any ambient noise or music. I have little or no hearing in the left ear, and must wear a hearing aid in the right ear, and I can't always wear the phone on my person, so depending in the vibrator is not always possible.

I have thought about recording my own sounds, but, don't know how, or how to load them on the phone if I did.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The phone voice volume is fine, it is just the ringer that is not loud enough. Don't know why it is not at least as loud as the older one.

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