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    does anybody know how to put videos on my mm-5600 on minisd???
    wat format???
    wat software???

    See More: videos for mm-5600

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    Herre is a program to use. http://rds.yahoo.com/;_ylt=AiH8IT9EC...yer_1_1_en.exe

    1) Download and install player.
    2) Launch Nokia Multimedia Player. Open your video file (avi or mpg).
    3) Press File -> Save as...
    4) Enter filename of your 3gp file, and choose resolution and size limit: not sure what MMS stands for but I just chose Custon 300KB or 200KB 176x144
    MMS 64KB, 128*96
    MMS 95KB, 128*96
    MMS 95KB, 176*144
    Custom 200KB, 128*96
    Custom 200KB, 176*144 <- Perfect fit for MM-A700
    Custom 300KB, 128*96
    Custom 300KB, 176*144 <- Perfect fit for MM-A700
    No size limit, 128*96
    No size limit, 176*144
    5) Click Save. File converted.
    6) Then rename file to .mp4
    7. Use the uploader to create the .gcd

    This is the tutorial for use at our site at Mobile Data Dink or Datadink.net

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