Sprint is improving their network nationwide, with something they call Network Vision.

This is their description of it:

"Across the country, we are enhancing our nationwide 3G network, tower by tower, to give you better service than ever. When completed, you can expect to experience stronger signals, fewer dropped calls and more.

The advanced equipment of our new network was designed to give you a more reliable connection to voice and data services. That means you stay connected with fewer dropped calls. Expanded 3G coverage will ensure that you have service virtually wherever you need it. Our new frequency will also allow us to bring that stronger signal indoors. It also means service you can count on, with a more reliable data connection with faster download speeds and quicker access to email, surfing, streaming and more."

Source: Sprint LTE Coverage - Sprint 4G LTE Rollout

The coverage should improve with the use of 800 Mhz SMR, which most, if not all, new Sprint phones support. Currently, Sprint is using 1,900 Mhz for their CDMA network. When they start using 800 Mhz SMR, signal should improve, since that frequency will travel farther and through buildings much better. So, those places that you don't get a signal currently, or get a very weak signal, should improve in the future.

The 3G data speeds have been reported to have been improved greatly. Those who used to get very slow speeds, such as less than 250 Kbps, are now reporting speeds over 2 Mbps!

Have you noticed an improvement with your Sprint service? If not, changes should be coming soon! Visit Sprint LTE Coverage - Sprint 4G LTE Rollout and type in your zip code to see what changes have been made in your area.

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