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    I want to upgrade my phone without extending my contract. I know that one can buy new equipment for full price from a T-mobile store without an extention.

    Can I go to Walmart or Target, purchase a T-mobile ToGo phone and then just put my current SIM card in the new phone? Would this work the same?

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    Yes but they only sell Nokia 6010's, Nokia 6101's, and Samsung X495's for To-Go, and you're phone won't be under warranty for a year
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    The reason I bring this up is the T-Mobile website sells the razor without any contract extension for $279 and their Togo Phone for $249. Walmart online has the Togo Phone razr for $249 as well.

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    Why are you interested?
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    you'd get a better deal on eBay, either way, your only loss would be no warranty from t-mo.
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    I second vidguy. Buy the phone you want for much less on ebay, and put in the SIM card and you are fine. Make sure it is an unlocked or "tmobile branded" phone. You can configure the phone online from tmobiles website for free for SMS, MMS, and tzones.

    Just switch out the SIM to upgrade the phone and you don't have to mess with calling customer service or extending your contract.
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