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    Graham Cluer
    I have an old mobile phone (Ericsson T28s). Yesterday my wife phone me
    on it and I couldn't hear her.

    It appears that any call made by this phone results in the caller not
    being heard.

    My immediate conclusion is a microphone fault. However when I speak
    into the phone I can hear the sound coming back in the earpiece.

    Second conclusion is a fault between microphone and modulator in the
    phone so sound is reaching earphone but not affecting radio waves

    BUT the sound I hear in the earpiece has a slight delay in it. So I am
    thinking the sound must be reaching the network and being re-broadcast
    back to me.

    So how come the speech can't be heard by someone being called?

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    Re: Phone fault? Any ideas?

    It might be some fault with network at that time.

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