Hi, group members.
I just got the Nokia 6620 phone and pretty much in the process of
looking for the interesting software for this phone. I would like to
find the multimedia player, which would play the internet streaming
contents, like Microsoft media player. I mean the mms:// streams or
shoutcast streams. My phone came with realplayer installed, however it
can play just the Real Networks streams. There are so many good
internet stations in the Microsoft media format or in the winamp
format and almost nothing, what would interest me in RM format.
Somewhere on the internet I have read that Microsoft would port it's
media player to the Symbian OS, however does not look like it going to
happen anytime soon.
Would greatly appreciate, if anybody could point me to the player,
which plays the streaming audio in the mediaplayer or winamp format.

Thanks so much.


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