My provider is T-Mobile and I am looking to acquire a new phone. My
current Nokia 6610 has been a decent phone (My two phone purchases have
been Nokia phones). I am looking at the Nokia 3320 and the Motorola
V330. I have been satisfied with the overall quality of Nokia and
wonder if Motorola (especially the V330) matches Nokia in this area.

I do seem to crack the screen on my Nokia phones (I carry my phone in
my pants pocket) and wonder if a flip style phone like the V330 would
be a more sturdy phone.

I would greatly appreciate comments about either phone or any
comparison you may have experienced.

Is the bluetooth feature of the V330 something worth getting? I live in
a suburb of Minneapolis and wonder if bluetooth would be useable. Any
comments are welcome.

I really only use the speakerphone feature on my current Nokia 6610. I
have read that the Motorola V330 has a good speaker phone (any


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