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    HTC Touch HD is a great touchscreen phone with an increadible set of features and marvaleous design. It includes almost all the options that a highest end smartphone has in the present day market. Let me highlight the features, pros and cons before talking about it in detail.

    • Huge 3.8" TFT 64k Display
    • 5Megapixel autofocus camera
    • Accelerometor sensor ( helps in automatic screen rotation and flip fone to mute calls)
    • Comes with GPS reciever
    • Has all the connectivity options including 3G ,bluetooth with a2dp and wifi
    • Latest Windows mobile pro 6.1 OS
    • FM Radio with RDS
    • TouchFLO 3D multitouch interface
    • 3.5mm audio jack
    • Fast 528mhz processor and 288mb ram. with 64mb dedicated graphics memory

    • Oversized and comparitively heavy.
    • No camera key and flash for the camera.
    • Not as fingerfriendly as iPhones.

    Starting with the dimensions of Touch HD, 115 x 62.8 x 12 mm, Its bigger than most other mobiles with such features. After all if you need something you have to loose something. But if you love to watch videos on the move then Touch HD is the one for you. It has a 3.8" WVGA TFT display on the front. The touch response of the display is very smooth. I already told you its a multitouch display like iphone's.The TouchFLO technology adds more to the excitement of the user. A secondary camera located on the top right corner of the display, the speaker in the top mid section and a proximity sensor which helps to automatically turn off the backlit of the display when you are attending a call, just near to the speaker.

    Below the screen there are 4 touchsensitive keys located assigned with 2 call functions on either side, one back and one home function in the middle.

    The left part of the phone has 2 volume control keys to lower or increase the volume. Those are the total controls placed on the phone apart from the Power button located on the top. The phone also lacks a dedicated camera key.

    Touch HD comes with a 3.5mm audio jack so you can plug in your own earphones to listen to your favourite music if you didn't like the one bundled with the phone.

    The USB port is located on the bottom part of the mobile and the mic hole adjacent to it. The magnetic stylus is located on the bottom right part.

    Touch HD sports a 5megapixel AF camera. But there is no flash, not even LED. Behind the rear battery cover lies the 1350mAh battery and microsd card slot. There is no need to remove the battery to swap memorycard though. The rear part is made up of rubbery material which gives its users a fine grip when holding it. Afterall holding such a bulky phone is hard otherwise, isn't it?

    It comes with the latest windows mobile 6.1 OS with a HTC added TouchFLO 3D homescreen to make the phone more finger friendly.

    The phone is powered by a Qualcomm MSM7201A 528 Mhz processor and 288mb RAM. This much power is enough to run divx videos upto 1mb bitrate at wvga resolution smoothly. Watching dvdrips on the huge screen is really a visual delight.

    The connectivity features include all the latest standards. i.e., wifi 802.11 b/g, HSDPA, 3G, GPRS, Edge, bluetooth 2.0 with a2dp ( compatible with bluetooth stereo headsets), miniusb. Infrared isn't included though. Anyway do you think we still need it?
    There is a built in GPS receiver too included within the phone. Supports also A-GPS too so it can lock the position faster with the help of 3G or other connectivity option. There is more space to look in maps with the big display. So that should be a plus point too for navigators there..

    The 5 megapixel camera that Touch HD sports takes good photos. The noise level is also low. In low light conditions it doesn't work well though as the flash is absent.
    The Opera mobile browser v9.5 included also serves webpages similar to that in the iphone. There is more room to work on again with the massive display. So you see how many factors support the display size... winks...

    There are more cool looks with the music player too which has some features similar to iphone or ipod touch.. Yes, it is the cool coverflow.
    It's very smooth and looks really good.

    Audio quality is very good and is best among other windows mobile phones. Better than the Touch-Diamond I had used before.

    The battery backup is very good where it gives around 2 days under intense usage. The company details show 7hours of talktime with 3g turned on and 680hours on standby. Even if you use wifi and GPS for almost full day,it still kept up at its last point. You should have understood the power efficiency of the phone by now, thanks to the 1350mAh battery.. That should let you watch couple of movies in your pocket theatre. ..(only if you own one :P).

    Touch HD is surely the best windows mobile in the market at the moment. It has almost all the features and looks cool. If you are a windows mobile fan then Touch HD would surely impress you at its best. It surely beats Iphone style wise but the touchscreen technology still has to grow up with the windows mobile touchscreen phones. You still have to use the stylus now and then even though with the TouchFLO technology. If you are okay with that condition then you can go for it. If you are still confused. start reading the review again. You will know..

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