I wasn't sure where to post this since Motorola 60C flip phones are ancient, but I wanted to at least get my question in a Motorola forum where folks might happen to have had experience with this.

We have two ancient Motorola 60Cs that are going to be recycled. I managed to do a Master Reset and Master Clear on both of them but now I'm trying to delete our phone numbers off of them. I have tried the programming instructions based on the user guide, which is here:


Basically, it says to just dial 74663+#+Menu+Menu and that gets you into the user activation menu. Then you supposedly can select NAM1 and go from there. Well, when I do this, it goes into some sort of call menu, not the programming menu. I am doing this when it is powered on with power cord attached. Is there anyone out there who has fiddled with these old phones and remember how to do this? I am not sure why it is not working. Perhaps the phone needs to be in some specific mode other than just powered up? Do I have to power it on holding any specific keys before entering this set of instructions they specify? I also noticed that the user activation menu is accessed slightly differently for V60 vs 60C, which entails needing the carrier service id for your phone. Before I realized ours were the 60C model, I tried the other method, which requires inputting #<5 digit carrier id>#, the phone "dials" it and connects, and then I input 000000 for the factory password and then hit the OK, the OK is really set to store the number, and so it goes into a menu to store the number I just called. Since these are 60C phones, I would not expect the V60 method to work, but neither approach seems to go into an activation menu.

Thanks for the help!

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