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    Does anyone know a website where I can find information for all mobile phones ?
    I'm more interested in websites that show the sound format for every phone.
    I know some sites, but they only mention: polyphonic or mp3 etc.
    I need to know the exact sound format, like: SMAF, ADPCM, MIDI40, iMelody, AMR, MP3 etc...
    can anyone help ?
    thank you.

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    Buy a Computer

    I don't understand why someone would buy a phone to
    listen to music. If you're really into sound then buy an
    old tube type amp and a classic turntable ( fer playing
    records). If all you care about is a selection of modern
    digital music then you need a computer. Forget the
    music, cameras, text and bluetooth when it comes to
    phones. Focus on finding the best coverage in the areas
    that you want to use it in and buy additional amplifiers
    if necessary, but also you should carefully consider
    the carrier you choose. It all depends on where you use
    it. If you live in a fringe area, you need a Motorola Nextel
    phone that has a way to hook up an external antenna.
    I have not seen any phones besides Motorola that can
    do that, with a car kit or antenna port. Bueano Suarte

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    if u need information on cell phone go to www.phonescoop.com

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