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    Hi all,
    I bought a Samsung a645 from Telus in Canada (pay and talk). The phone is crap but it was cheap and i like the look of it. But the reception is not very good in my home (actually its horrible) and its my main number. I have one chance to either keep this phone or to trade it for a LG 245. I think it doesnt look very good, i dont want it to have a camera but it does. I'm wondering about reception.

    In your estimation, what is the reception factor on a Samsung a645 Vs. an LG 245?

    all of the other phones are far too expensive.

    Also, is there a mod for this 645 with which i can boost the signal reception or something. I'm fine with modding, just dont know if its possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    basically, should i trade this thing in for the 245 or keep it?


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    Re: Samsung a645 vs. LG 245

    the LG 245 has a better reception overall.
    check the reception in your area

    Official LG Group Site

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