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    Ok..so i need help...im wanting a touch screen i heard the blackberry was great but had some problmes just like the iphone but the storm has a battery that can be replaced...but i like the apps on the iphone...this is what i dont understand..what apps can you get...like my friend has this goofy Nano pet thing on hers..i dont really want it..but are those apps only for the iphone whats the better phone..and i heard you can change the sensativity on the storm

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    Re: Iphone Vs Blackberry storm

    I have the storm and its great when it works. I have been through 3 of them in six months.
    As far as apps more will come but I think iphone has better ones and much more.
    I will probably switch to iphone soon cause I'm tired of my storm malfunctioning.

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