Do you have a locked phone that you want to unlock safely and legally? If yes, make sure to visit our phone unlocking website At we only offer safe, permanent and 100% legit phone unlocks. You do not need to install a phone unlocking software on your phone in order to unlock it with us and no damage will be done to your phone. Furthermore, all our phone unlocks are remotely generated, so you do not need to ship your phone to a service center.

Moreover, we guarantee 100% satisfaction: if an unlock code we have generated for your phone did not unlock it, send a video proof of the code not working and we will gladly refund all your money or give you a free future credit if you used TrialPay to unlock your phone.

If you are ready to unlock your phone, simply visit our main page and choose your phone’s brand and model, the country you live in and the phone carrier your phone is locked to.

After you have chosen your phone’s model, your network provider and the country of your current residence, choose to pay a small fee for an unlock code or choose to unlock your phone absolutely free through our business partner of a few years - TrialPay.

If you chose to unlock your phone for free, it is a very easy process. First, you will need to select one TrialPay offer to complete. TrialPay offers vary and you are free to choose any available offer that you like. After you have selected the offer, proceed with completing it. After the successful completion of any offer by TrialPay, we will send an email to you with your order details and your generated phone unlock code. TrialPay will pay for your free unlock code and we usually generate an unlock code within 20 minutes after your offer completion. However, please note that sometimes it takes 48 hours to remotely generate your code. It happens rarely, but if you do not get your code within 20-30 minutes, do not worry – you will certainly get your code in 48 hours or less. In our email we will also include the detailed guide on how to unlock a cell phone for free. Make sure to follow the guide and your phone will be easily unlocked.

Unlocked phones deliver a few amazing benefits such as the complete freedom to choose any service provider, the ability to travel abroad without a fear of high roaming charges and the opportunity to sell your unlocked phone for a higher price than the same locked phone.

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