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    Hope I'm posting in the right spot....
    I have a new TMoble Prsim 2 (while it is new to me...I believe they have just been discontinued) Anyway, it says Google, so I assume it is a google android operating system. I want to put pictures with my contacts....so far I have been able to put one for myself (which happens to be listed at the top of my contacts list, incase I need to call myself in an emergency I guess), and one other random person. If I tap the empty image spot, nothing happens, if tap edit, I can only edit contact info...unless there is a picture there already. The way I got the random persons picture was to take a picture and tap set as, then contacts, but she is the only name that came up, but I can do a search, but when I search other names, nothing comes up.

    Thanks for your help!

    See More: how to set image for contacts for Tmobile Prism 2

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    Re: how to set image for contacts for T-Mobile Prism 2

    Quite an interesting tutorial

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