Setting Search Options

1. Go to the Home screen and tap Search.
2. Then tap Menu and select Settings.
3. Tap Google Search and make the desired search settings.
4. After you’ve finished, press the Back key -> then tap Searchable items -> select what you’d like to include when performing a search.

Browsing the Web

1. Go to the Home screen and tap Apps -> select Internet.
2. Then tap the URL box located at the top of the screen.
3. Type in the desired keywords or the web address.
4. Then, when the search results are up you can either:
• tap on one of the links to open it or press and hold a link for more options.
• tap the email address to send an email message to it.

Opening and Switching Between Browser Tabs

1. While viewing a web page, tap Tabs.
2. And then you can do one of the following:
• tap New tab if you want to open a new tab.
• to see another tab, slide your finger left or right until you get to the webpage you want to see and then tap the webpage to see it in full screen.
3. To close a webpage, tap X.

Private Browsing

If you would like to have more privacy while searching the web, you can use the incognito tabs. The browser cookies aren’t shared and will be deleted as soon as you close all the incognito tabs that you opened. In addition, the webpages you accessed won’t show up in the browser history unless you’ve downloaded some files.

1. Open your browser.
2. Tap Tabs -> tap New incognito tab.

Adding a Bookmark

1. Open the desired webpage and tap Add to.
2. Then select Bookmarks.
3. You can now enter a bookmark name if you want.
4. Then tap Bookmarks to save to bookmark to a new folder.
5. While on the Add to screen, tap More and select New folder.
6. When ready, tap Done.

Editing a Bookmark

1. Go to the desired webpage and tap Bookmark.
2. While on the Bookmark tab, tap Menu and select Edit.
3. Tap the Edit icon located at the right side of the Bookmark that you’d like to edit.
4. Make the desired changes and when ready, tap Done.

Syncing Your Bookmarks with Google Chrome

If you create bookmarks on your PC’s Google Chrome, you can then sync them on your HTC One VX. All you need to do is make sure you’re logged into your Google Account each time you’re about to save a bookmark on your computer, and of course, save to bookmark on Google Chrome.

1. Open the Notifications panel -> tap Settings and select Accounts & sync.
2. Then select your Google Account.
3. Tap Sync internet.

Clearing the Browser History

1. Open a webpage and tap Menu -> select History.
2. Then from the History tab, select tap Menu and select Clear all.

Setting up a Homepage

1. Open your browser and tap Menu -> select Settings.
2. Then tap General and select Set homepage.
3. Now select the homepage that you’d like to use.

Choosing When to Show Content Compatible with Adobe Flash

1. Open the browser and tap Menu -> select Settings.
2. Tap Advanced -> tap Enable Flash and plug-ins -> select On demand.

This way you get to choose if you want to view the Adobe Flash content by tapping the green arrow icon from the webpage.

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