1. Rearranging the Home Screen – You can reorganize your home screen panels in any way that fits how you use them. For example, move the panels with frequently-used widgets, shortcuts and other folders close to the Home screen. The Home screen is the area that is bordered by a thin line while in 'Leap' view. To rearrange:
- Pinch the Home screen to show the 'Leap' view.
- Press and hold the thumbnail of the home screen you want to move. You will feel the phone vibrate. Keep your finger on the thumbnail.
- Drag the thumbnail to the new position and then lift your finger.

2. Applying A New Skin – Personalize the entire phone by applying a new skin. Skins are set to give a different look and feel to most onscreen buttons, application screens, option menus and other items.
- From the Home screen, tap the Settings tab.
- When in the Display tab, select 'Skin'.
- Slide your finger on the screen from right to left to select the skin you want.
- Tap 'Apply'.

3. Using a sound set – Each sound set gives a different combination of sounds for your ringtone and notifications such as incoming messages, email, calendar reminders and more. By switching between sound sets, you can instantly make your HTC Rezound switch between fun sounds when socializing to quiet sounds when at work.
- From the Home screen, tap the Settings tab.
- Select 'Sound set'.
- On the Sound sets screen, tap a sound set name.
- You can tap the play button to listen to the different sounds for that sound set.
- Tap 'Apply'.

4. Tweet in Friend Stream – While in the Friend Stream, tap the arrow down icon and then select 'Twitter'. Tap the add button and then type your tweet. You can add a picture or location to your tweet, as well. Tap the attachment icon to post a picture from the Gallery or Camera to your default hosting site and add the link to the picture in your tweet. You can also tap the location button to add the location to your tweet. Tap 'Post' when finished.

5. Taking a Panoramic Photo – You can capture anything wide or tall with a single photo.
- While on the viewfinder screen, tap 'Scenes > Panorama”.
- Point the camera and focus on your subject.
- When you are ready to capture the first frame of the image, tap the capture button.
- Using the dotted line and circles onscreen as a guide, pan left or right in landscape view (or up and down in portrait). When the ring reaches and centers on the next circle, the camera automatically takes the shot. Repeat or press the stop button to end capturing. These shots are automatically combined in a photo.

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