So. I am wondering if you all think the new EVO will not have the freezing issue that the 4g and 3d had.

I had the first EVO 4g and loved it. I've been groaning, using a blackberry for the last 6 months..
I had to get rid of the evo because of the freezing problem. I would pickup my phone to call or text, it was unresponsive. Then I would take out the battery and it would start up again. All the while, I had no idea that I was missing calls and no idea for how long. Also I had no idea who had called me unless they left a voicemail with their number.

My phone was returned under the insurance plan (assurion) and I received a refurb 5 times in the one year I had the EVO. Every phone had the same problem. Number 4 and 5 was an EVO 3D. Both of the 3d's started the cycling issue immediately, out of the box.
In my line of work, a missed phone call is lost money. I can't have it.

So what do you think? Will the problem be solved in the new EVO. I know EVO 4g was a gen 1 sort of thing. Problems are expected... I want to throw this blackberry into a puddle and never look back.


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