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    I have a Kyocera Energi phone that is using Cricket service. Funny thing is, I can't recieve incoming calls on the phone...everytime someone calls me, the phone shuts itself off.


    1) Anyone ever had this happen? What the hell could it be?


    2) If my phone's screwed, I have an older Kyocera 2325 that is/was on the Qwest network that I know works fine. How do I go about getting the older phone to work with my current number/ cricket service (newbie at cell hacking, but pretty tech-savvy, so anyone with step-by-steps would be appreciated).

    Anyone with help, thanks ahead of time.

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    Re: Please Help A Frazzled Gal Out!

    My advice would be to charge the phone for 8 or more hours and if it has a memory card format it. If you use downloaded pictures for caller id they could be corrupt. Corrupt files make the phone shut off. I don't know if this is relevant, but it may work if you have this problem.

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    Re: Please Help A Frazzled Gal Out!

    I would reccomend just buying a new phone, the energi is pretty old anyways, and cricket has some cheap phones now that were expenseive when the energi was out =/

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