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    I just recently got the Nokia 5300 MusicExpress. While playing with it last night, I found a couple questions:

    1. I downloaded and installed some free apps from the EuropeNokia site (can't post links yet) . When I try to run them on my phone, I get a "Certificate not found" error. After thoroughly searching the web last night, it sounds like a root certificate problem. I checked my phone and it has several of the root certificates in the "certificate authority" section of security settings. Another relavent piece of information is that I am not currently subscribed to any internet service. (I can only browse on T-mobiles site from the phone).

    2. I downloaded some other Nokia games that don't run full screen on my phone. What games do I look for capatiblitywise? I heard the 5300 is equivilant to a S40 generation 3, but most of the S40 games I have found only run about a quarter of my screen. What kinda games do I look for? S60, S40?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Re: Nokia 5300 questions:

    Try S30 games, but only the java ones

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