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    Australia will soon see the launch of the BlackBerry PlayBook as soon as June 20. The BlackBerry PlayBook will be priced at $579 and will be carried through Vodafone, Telestra and Optus. This price is for the WiFi 16GB tablet which comes with these following features:
    dual front and rear facing cameras
    1 GHz dual-core processor
    1080p HD video recording capabilities
    32GB and 64GB versions without the 3G

    More info will be available once the carriers announce their plans, pricing and release date.

    via: BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet Price Rumors | Laptop And Tablet News

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    Re: Australia will get the BlackBerry PlayBook

    nice and short review , but i get a feel that the blackberry playbook is more of a business oriented tablet and it will not catch on so much with the general public. i mean that features like synchronization of blackberry playbook data with other blackberry devices will not interest me unless i already have blackberry devices or my employer wants to save my data.
    to be really honest, android phones are being accepted so much by the youth that android is taking upto 30% of the entire market for phones. now i would imagine that these android phone users will prefer to buy tablets which they are more familiar with. i think that android based tablets such as Samsung galaxy tablet series stand a better chance of being a major market share holder for android based tablets.
    RIM should try to place the playbook towards more of a business mobility and data synchronization enabled tablet. i mean the business users are already using blackberry phones so they might prefer it.
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