Sending a Message Using Voice to Text

1. Go to the Apps Screen and then tap and hold the Mute key.
2. Say Text [contact name/contact phone number].
3. Speak the desired message when prompted.
4. Wait for the voice app to finish reading back your message and then speak Send.

Replaying to a Text Message

1. Go to BlackBerry Hub and touch Hub.
2. Tap Text Messages -> select the message youd like to replay to -> then touch Enter a message -> write your text and finally tap Send to send the message.
3. If you then decide to call the person youre sending messages to, simply put the BlackBerry Z10 to your ear and the phone will start dialing automatically.

Forwarding a Text Message

1. Go to the BlackBerry Hub and select the conversation that youd like to forward.
2. Tap and hold the desired message -> then touch the Forward icon located at the right side of the screen.
3. Enter the name or phone number of the contact youd like to forward the message to.
4. Then tap Submit -> tap Send.

Attaching a Video to a Message

1. Open the messaging app and from a composed text message, tap the Attach icon located at the bottom of the screen.
Note: If youd like the keyboard to disappear from the screen, simply tap and hold the screen.
2. Touch Video -> select the video that youd like to attach.
3. Finally, tap Send message.

Sending a Message to a Group of People

1. Go to the Apps screen and tap Text Messages.
2. Then select Compose -> enter the name of phone number of the contact youd like to send the message to.
3. Then tap Submit.
4. Enter the name/phone number of the second contact -> then tap Submit.
5. Just add as many contacts as youd like and then tap Enable Group Conversation.
6. Tap OK -> in the Enter a message field, type in the desired text message.
7. Finally, tap Send to send your text.

Setting a Text Notification Alert

1. Go to the Apps Screen.
2. Then tap and drag down the Top Frame -> select Notifications.
3. Scroll to Messages -> touch Messages -> turn the Sound switch to ON -> touch Tone and select the desired notification alert sound.

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