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    I might go a bit in depth, but that's because i'v been considering this for 2 weeks. I'm 16, a male, with no job. I can't get one until at least March, due to not being able to start Drivers Ed until July. My only source of income is $10 in allowance my Grandparents give me every week. And my current phone is a Pantech Link ii/2. But I feel that i'm ready for an upgrade. I want to get the Samsung Galaxy S3. And since i'm on AT&T I can get it refurbished for $50 (i'm not apposed to getting it that way). My parents pay for calling and texting, so I would have to cover the Data Charges (probably a 3GB a month plan for $30 a month). Also I got the Link in January, so I would also have to cover the Early Termination fees (which i'v read is $140 and then $5 off every month every month you have the phone). And I only have about enough money to cover the charges of the phone and Early Termination fee. And the Data Plan would take another 75% of my monthly income. But I really want this phone (just a smartphone in general). I also have a iPod Touch 4th Generation which I can sell for $50. And I would also be getting a microSD card for my new phone so I could use it was my main music player, internet browser, ect. I'm just not sure what to do, i'v never had a smartphone, and I feel like I will regret the decision to buy it in a few months. Any advice from anyone?

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    Re: Should I upgrade to the Galaxy S3?

    I don't believe you need to pay an Early Termination Fee if you just switch phones (while staying in the same contract). Would it be cheaper if you buy a refurbished or used phone and stay in your contract instead of paying for the ETF, then paying for a refurbished phone? You would need to change your plan, but there might be something cheaper than 3 GB for $30 per month. Do you need that much data? What if you were to download all of your music while on WiFi instead of streaming it, and try to conserve your data usage until you're on WiFi?

    Also, I believe the Samsung Galaxy S III has enough storage built in that you don't need a MicroSD card. That can save you a little money if you don't purchase one.

    Have you thought about purchasing a cheaper used phone instead of getting the Samsung Galaxy S III? You might be able to get a decent Android phone that is a year old or so for less money, without even paying an ETF to cancel your contract (since you will still be in the same contract, like I mentioned earlier).

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    Re: Should I upgrade to the Galaxy S3?

    If you save up and can afford it, go for it. Keep in mind that data is going to cost more.

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