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    Hi folks, A while back I posted a problem with my samsung cell phone. I had posted that a strange vision came up on my screen after speaking with my son. It looked like a tornado but at the top it resembled a flying saucer. I thought I had been hacked or some strange being had taken up residence in my phone. I noticed many had read my post but had no answers. I happened to be going by a US Cellular store in Burlington Iowa so I thought I would stop in and see if they could answer my question. I showed it to the store Manager a Mr. Post that was extremely helpful and with a slight smile said it was a compression fracture of the pixels and I had either bumped the screen hard or dropped it. Because of my job I guess it was bumped. Because of his help and professionalism I purchased a LG UX830 which I love. I am writing this post just in case someone else ever has a strange image come up on their screen for what may seem like no apparent reason. Thanks for all that read my post and wished they would have had the answer.

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    aww man.. it would have been so much cooler if you had been invaded by an alien or something like that.

    glad you got it sorted though
    click my username and then the link for my "homepage" to get some useful info on hacking the Razr.

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